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Contemporary MAP: Contemporary Modern Art Projects is a non- profit public charity organization under section 501 (c) (3).  It is located in Los Angeles County.

Contemporary MAP is committed to art, education, innovation, creative exchange, and promotion of experimental artists and projects. It serves as a collective atelier, which produces video festivals, artists’ books, exhibitions, classes, and Internet art.

The organization supports video art by receiving video movies on a regular basis throughout the year to include them in a video festival, screened during the spring every year. The Video Festival, titled VVVF, Venturous Vanguard Video Festival, began in 2004. Including video shorts created by international professional artists and teens, VVVF is screened throughout Los Angeles locations. In 2005 VVVF was also screened in Kunming and Shanghai, China.

Contemporary MAP promotes video as a contemporary self- expression discipline by initiating an after school program in L.A county. It sends videoartists to local schools and youth centers to instruct video art workshops, introduce their work, and create movies with youth.

The organization produces and distributes art projects in printed and digital format. Exhibiting the work of both emerging and established artists in varied venues, Contemporary MAP: Contemporary Modern Art Projects attempts to explore, affect and reinvent the map of the art terrain.


Shoshana Brand: President
Yona Engel: Treasurer
Lilia Arbona: Secretary

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